You Are Here

Ages ago (or so it seems, at least) I diligently posted to WineCanine nearly every day. It was a writing exercise, and it was fun. Wine education and reviews were the focus, with occasional recipes, personal anecdotes, and random goofy stuff that I came across and thought was worth sharing.

I used Blogger then, but uploaded all of my posts and media via FTP to the server of the company that hosts my various domains instead of Blogger. That worked very well until Blogger’s parent company, Google, decided to quit supporting FTP in favor of requiring everything to be on their own servers. My posts were still there, but all the links to the photos, illustrations, and videos that I had uploaded over the years were broken.

There was a fix, but it was clunky and didn’t always work. And there were hundreds of broken links. I was disheartened by the situation and quit posting. For years.

But I always intended to fire WineCanine up again, maybe with a bigger emphasis on food than wine. And definitely on a different platform than Blogger. I had some familiarity with WordPress, so that was the logical choice.

So here we are.