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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Want to legalize restaurant corkage? Read, then write

corksWine lover and attorney Darryn Duchon has drafted language that could be tacked on to any existing bill that is working its way through the Indiana General Assembly or substituted for the original content of a stripped bill.

In a nutshell, this proposed bill would give restaurants the option of allowing their patrons to bring their own wine and to establish corkage fees. It would also allow patrons to store their wines at restaurants.

None of this is legal at the moment, although some restaurants quietly allow their customers to bring their own wines anyway. No logical reason for forbidding restaurants to have this option exists — but when were Indiana alcoholic beverage laws ever based on logic?

The full text of the proposed bill may be found at

To email your state representatives, go to
and type in your home address; this will provide an email link to your state and local representatives.
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