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Thursday, December 03, 2009

The bad blogger: My latest excuse

German Shorthaired Pointer

Actually, I can click just fine. After all, I’m a Weimaraner, not a German Shorthaired Pointer – that means I can do it all! I just haven’t been.

So, I’m behind. Where to start?

Well, how about with some stored-up Zionsville scuttlebutt? As yesterday’s Times-Sentinel reported, the restaurant and tea house Serenity has been busted for serving alcoholic beverages without a permit.

Two undercover Indiana State Excise Police officers and their spouses dined at Serenity on Oct. 2 and were served wine; on Oct. 9 owner Karin Glass was served with a search warrant and the excise police confiscated beer, wine, a laptop, reservation books, a menu chalkboard and miscellaneous paperwork. Glass was then charged with selling alcohol without a license, a misdemeanor, and maintaining a common nuisance for alcohol, a Class D felony. If convicted of the felony, she could be subject to $10,000 fine and as much as three years in jail. A jury trial has been set for Feb. 23 in Boone County Superior Court II.

An established Main Street business, the Grillmaster’s Garden, closed its doors abruptly in early October. A message from owners Jon and Kristen Carr that was posted on the store’s web site (now down) attributed the closing to a combination of past business decisions, a struggling economy and street construction in downtown Zionsville. The store was emptied of its inventory virtually overnight, and the Carrs no longer own the building, which is currently for lease.

On a more positive note, Oobatz! has opened what its owners hope will be first of several locations in a strip mall at 1576 W. Oak Street (SR 334), just west of Ford Road. In a nutshell, it’s kind of an upscale combination of an Italian restaurant and a sports bar with a very nice outdoor seating area featuring a fireplace and one table with a fire pit in its center. Menu items include calamari, pizza, lasagna, spaghetti and cheeseburgers, among other things. There is both an adult room with a bar and a family room. Prices are low to moderate; the beer and wine lists are not extensive but adequate.
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