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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Casa de Vila Verde Vinho Verde 2007

Casa de Vila Verde Vinho VerdeWhen hot weather comes around – like now, for instance – wine drinkers often start looking for something to drink that’s a little lighter on the palate than, say, a big, buttery Chardonnay. For that, the 2007 Vinho Verde from Casa de Vila Verde is an excellent candidate.

Made in the far northwestern corner of Portugal, Vinho Verde means “green wine,” a reference to its freshness, not its color. It is made mainly by small producers from local grapes you‘ve probably never heard of – Loureiro, Arinto, Trajadura, Avesso and Azal.

The one from Casa de Vila Verde (“House of the Green Village”) is a good example. It’s fresh, crisp and clean, with a little green apple on the nose and some nectarine and light citrus on the palate. It’s pleasant and refreshing to drink, and relatively low in alcohol at 11.5 percent. It is lightly acidic, not at all sweet, and reasonably priced at $10 per bottle. In addition to being the grape-based equivalent of a cold beer on a hot day, it would pair well with fresh fruit, light cheeses, chicken and white flaky fish.
J. Silverheels Gray, 8:44 AM


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