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Friday, May 22, 2009

Boiling better bacon

Boiling BaconWhile reading a salad recipe in a recent Saveur recently, my curiosity was piqued by an instruction to cook the bacon garnish by boiling it, then frying as usual.

The intent of the recipe was to make bacon crumbles for use in a salad, but I decided to try the method to prepare my breakfast bacon and have been using it ever since. Here’s what you do:

Bacon Boiled and Fried

three strips bacon
3/4 cup water

In a 10" skillet, bring bacon to a boil over high heat. Add bacon in one layer and reduce heat to a slow boil. After water boils away, fry bacon until desired doneness is reached, turning as necessary.

Once the water has evaporated one needs to be vigilant, because since the bacon has been cooking in the boiling water it browns very rapidly. You’ll be able to tell when the water is gone by the change in the sound as the bacon begins to fry.

This does take longer than the usual method, but the resulting bacon is more uniformly cooked, easier to crisp without burning, and a bit lighter on the palate.
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