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Monday, December 01, 2008

Corkbo introduces lower-priced corkshooter

Corkbo SquireModeled on a flintlock pistol, the hand-crafted Corkbo Sloshedbuckler is a functional, cork-firing work of art, and a lot of fun to use. But given the current economy, its $800 price ($1,000 when paired with a handmade presentation box) relegates it to the “someday” wish list for many folks.

Fortunately, Corkbo creator Eric Wallentine has come up with a new model that makes getting into corkshooting much more affordable. Corkbo’s new Squire model is simple, clean and contemporary, and is priced at $75 (plus shipping and sales tax). As a tribute to the original Daisy Red Ryder BB gun (the one Ralphie wanted in A Christmas Story ), a working compass is embedded in the stock of each Squire. It is capable of launching a wine cork with fairly good accuracy for at least 25 feet — not bad, considering that wine corks aren’t very effective projectiles.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have been developing Corkbo’s new website . (It’s not quite finished yet — it needs more photos and a few tweaks here and there.) However, that’s given me the opportunity to get to know Eric, who is a very nice guy and incredibly talented, and to play with Corkbos enough to put one on my Christmas wish list. I’ll bet a grown-up Ralphie would want one, too.
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