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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New Gmail feature helps prevent morning-after regrets

GmailGoogle has implemented a feature for its Gmail intended to help prevent people who have been drinking from sending email messages they later wish they hadn’t.

While many people who have had occasion to wish for such a thing envisioned a Breathalyzer-type hardware solution, Mail Goggles uses math. Once the feature is enabled, the user must correctly answer five simple math questions within a specified time in order to send a message. By default the feature only is active late on weekend nights, but can be adjusted in user preferences.

More information about Mail Goggles is available on Google’s Gmail Blog .
J. Silverheels Gray, 8:10 AM


Ahahahhaha! Now, if only they could come up with something similar for cell phones!
Blogger braingirl, at 9:32 AM  
I agree with braingirl. It's called drunk dialing not drunk typing.

Blogger Carlene, at 10:43 AM  
You mean you’ve never checked your sent messages folder in the morning to see how embarrassed you should be?
Anonymous Nonie Mousse, at 11:29 AM  

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