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Monday, September 22, 2008

More wine, online and local

Wine ShipperAmazon is poised to begin offering wine sales in 26 states in time for the holidays. Presumably Indiana isn’t among the 26 since state law requires that wine deliveries be made by employees of the wine retailer and not by a common carrier, but there is evidence to suggest that the state hasn’t made it a high priority to enforce that particular provision.

Another new entry into the online wine business, The Wall Street Journal, seems ready to test that law. (With the way the stock market and economy in general has been going, I can understand why they might want to diversify!) I filled out an order form on their site to order a bottle of wine to be delivered to Indiana, and it didn’t promptly stop me the way does. I didn’t complete the transaction — the shipping costs totaled more than the bottle of wine — so maybe it would have declined to ship to Indiana at the final step. I’m not likely to find out, because there are plenty of shops in Indiana that offer a much better selection.

Speaking of local shops, I just received the official word from Cork & Cracker that the grand opening open house for their new location at 106th Street and Michigan Road will be this coming Saturday, September 27. They’ll be pouring about 20 different wines, and will also be offering samples of some of their food items.
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