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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spirits sales suffer from economy; wine holds steady

Cheap BoozeSpirits sales are suffering from the slowing economy, according to a report from Citi Investment Research and data from AC Nielsen.

The growth of super-premium brands is slowing to the benefit of bottom-shelf brands, Nielsen's research indicates. Part of the reason is that consumers aren't going out as much, and they tend to drink lower-priced brands at home than when enjoying a night out.

Not everyone agrees that consumers are becoming more value-oriented. Fortune Brands, parent of Beam Global Spirits & Wine, says it hasn't seen any trading down outside of the most housing-depressed markets, such as Florida and California. This is somewhat supported by a Nielsen study that says that 80 percent of consumers reports spending the same amount on alcohol as they did last year.

Wine sales are still enjoying growth, although not at as a high a rate as in 2007 and 2006. The United States now consumes more wine than any other country except France, though the adult per-capita consumption of 9 liters in the U.S. falls far short of France and Italy, at 52 and 46 liters respectively.
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