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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Steal this logo!

Organically Grown in IndianaBack in the late 1990s, I entered a competition to create a logo that could be used on organic food products from Indiana. The idea was to make a simple design that would be recognizable and easy to reproduce.

As it turned out, my entry was selected. But then the committee had "a few changes" it wanted to make, and it soon became evident that I would be creating another design from scratch that would be acceptable to everyone on the committee — for free.

Now, the best way to generate a mediocre design is to work for a committee, so I declined. As far as I know there still isn't a label for organically-made Indiana products, so if you want to use this one, be my guest — here's the link to a high-resolution .eps file. It should be usable on anything from small oval stickers to large signs.

I'm putting this into the public domain, and don't expect any payment for it. But if you do use it, please let me know!
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