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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What was old is new again: Wines being shipped by sailboat

The BelemEuropean countries are taking global warming pretty seriously, and the goal of reducing carbon emissions is causing lots of changes in the way products are packaged and shipped.

In an example of how sometimes the best ways are the old ways, some French winemakers are now shipping wines made in Languedoc to Ireland in a three-masted sailing ship, the Belem.

Launched in 1896, the barque Belem is the last French merchant sailing ship built. Using it and feeder barges to transport 60,000 bottles of wine from Bordeaux to Dublin will take up to a week longer than conventional methods but will save 4.9 oz. of carbon per bottle, according to shipper Frederic Albert. On the return trip, the ship will haul a load of crushed glass to France to be recycled into wine bottles.

Albert plans to have seven wind-powered merchant vessels working by 2013, and voyages to Bristol, Manchester and Canada are planned.
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