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Monday, March 31, 2008

’Gator at the Goose

ALLIGATOR SAUSAGE!Sunday's breakfast was delicious: Scrambled eggs, spelt toast, and alligator bratwurst from the Goose.

I usually prepare my non-reptilian bratwurst by simmering first in a batter of beer, butter and onions, browning on a grill, then finishing in a second container of batter. This time I took a different approach, and it worked well.

Grilled Alligator Bratwurst
allow 1-2 sausages per serving

alligator brats
olive oil

Apply a thin layer of olive oil to the sausages, and allow them to come up to room temperature.

In the meantime, preheat grill to an internal temperature of 350°F. When grill is hot, place brats briefly over center burner (if using a gas grill) and cook until nicely browned, 2-4 minutes. Turn center burner off (if using charcoal, move away from coals), close lid and cook using indirect heat for 10 minutes. Remove from grill, let rest for a couple of minutes and serve.

You *could* put these on a bun and load them up with mustard and grilled onions, but then you'd mask the flavors of the brats themselves, and that would be a shame. They have just a little spicy heat — not whoo-eee Cajun hot, just enough to give the old jaded tastebuds a little kick. They'd be good served with lots of things, but I'm thinking some dirty rice, a side of grilled onions and slices of fresh tomato (c’mon, tomatoes!) would be just the ticket.

Goose proprietor Chris Eley says the alligator brats are on regular rotation with other featured sausages, but they aren't available all the time. The best way to find out when they're coming around again is to check in with the Goose's blog.

And until a local source for free-range, organically-farmed alligator becomes available, the Goose will continue to source its meat from Louisiana. Hmm ... I wonder how they'd do in the pond at Trader's Point Creamery?
J. Silverheels Gray, 9:54 AM


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