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Monday, March 17, 2008

Château d’Yquem sells 100 Nebuchadnezzars

Château d’ YquemIconic Sauternes producer Château d’ Yquem has sold all 100 of the Nebuchadnezzars of its 2005 vintage that it began offering for sale a year ago.

The 15-liter bottles, which sold for €12,850 each (the equivalent of $20,392 at this moment), are part of a limited edition of 120. The remaining 20 bottles will be kept in the château's collection.

Fifteen liters is a lot of wine, and especially a lot of Sauternes. A typical serving is three ounces, so if you ever decided to pour your Nebuchadnezzar you'd want to wait until 169 of your closest friends could come over (or what the heck, just invite 80 people and have two glasses). The price works out to roughly $1,020 per 750ml bottle (there are 20 in a Nebuchadnezzar), which makes the current price of $600 for the 100-point 2001 seem like quite a bargain.

Of course, the odds that any of the big bottles will actually ever be consumed are quite small. They're really investment vehicles, the bottled equivalent of 20 ounces of gold (19.76, actually). And just think how nice one would look as a cellar decoration!

In other Yquem-related news, this spring Sotheby's will auction a single lot of 70 vintages ranging from 1892 to 2001, two bottles of each vintage except four, for a total of 136 bottles. This particular vertical is exceptional, in that none of the bottles has ever surfaced from the cellars of the château and the collection will be sold at the property, Sotheby's says. The sale is expected to bring more than £100,000 (currently $201,292).
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