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Friday, February 29, 2008

CAN you believe it? Wine in small metal cylinders

Canned WineIf you're one of those who resists buying wines with screwcap closures, you're sure to hate this: wine packaged in aluminum cans.

An Argentine company called IronWine is packaging a Malbec-Cabernet blend and a Chenin Blanc in packages of six 250ml cans, the equivalent of two bottles. Besides making the contents immune to light exposure and cork taint, the company pitches the cans as being easier to take along on picnics or other places where bottles are problematic or not allowed (boats and race tracks come to mind). IronWine isn't available yet in the United States, but they're working on that.

IronWine isn't the first company to think to package wine in cans. Rich Prosecco, which recently promoted itself with photos of a gold-painted, naked Paris Hilton crawling across a desert landscape, is sold in cans in Germany and other European countries.
J. Silverheels Gray, 2:06 PM


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