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Tuesday, January 08, 2008 turns tattletale

Internet retailer has sent letters to state government officials naming competitors that the company says are violating shipping rules.

Nine states that allow shipping of wine by retailers require the retailer to have a local presence, so has set up warehouses and shipping operations in those states. Some other Internet wine retailers get around such requirements simply by ignoring them, and shipping from their existing locations.

This apparently is such a source of irritation to that the company set up its own sting operation where it ordered wine from other retailers, documented the transactions, and provided details of those transactions to state agencies with the suggestion that enforcement actions be taken.

There's much more info in the December 27 issue of the Wine Market Report (PDF format), which has been posted by the Specialty Wine Retailers Association.
J. Silverheels Gray, 8:37 AM


Is still in business? They've done everything they can to NOT use the internet to their advantage and blown $500 million to boot. What fat and lazy fools. These tactics are just the last violent gasps of a company and wholesaler network fighting to retain its monopoly and control.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:35 PM  

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