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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Twelfth (and last) Day of Gadgets: A Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

KitchenaidFor a while I had a handheld mixer that I moved from house to house, but it wasn't suitable for much more than mixing pancake batter — which I prefer to do with a wooden spoon anyway — so off to Goodwill it went during our last move several years ago. Every now and then I'd need to make a recipe that called for some ingredients to be beaten, but I always managed to make to do with a whisk, a blender, a food processor or some other implement.

One of the dishes I made for Thanksgiving was Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes. I couldn't find my trusty old potato masher and was about to press a wine bottle into service when I remembered that I had just inherited my mom's prized Kitchenaid stand mixer, which was still out in my car. I brought it in, set it up, and in no time had perfect mashed potatoes. And the flat beater was a breeze to clean up — much easier than the wire beaters of my old handheld.

I haven't yet used the Kitchenaid to make anything besides mashed potatoes (twice, so far), but I hope to get around to making some cookies this Sunday and I do look forward to using the dough hook the next time I make bread. What I really like about the Kitchenaid is its Multipurpose Attachment Hub, which serves the same purpose as a PTO on a tractor — one can hook up any number of accessories and grind meats, mill grains, juice fruits and vegetables, make pasta and stuff sausage, among other things. (The $50 can opening attachment seems a tad silly to me, though.) A meat grinder ($50) and sausage stuffer ($14) are on my short list of must-haves — and I'll bet that the ice cream maker ($99) would be a fun thing to have next summer....
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