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Friday, December 14, 2007

Tenth Day of Gadgets — A Great All-Purpose Knife

Wüsthof 4110Wüsthof calls their model 4110 a Sausage Knife, and I know from first-hand experience that it will slice anything from a large French garlic sausage to dense pepperoni effortlessly and precisely.

Actually, it will slice just about anything with ease. Prick the skin of a ripe tomato with this knife's sharp tip, and slice it to any thickness you want. The serrated 5" blade makes it possible to make onion slices so thin that they're transparent, and even soft baguettes can be cut without being crushed.

The Wüsthof Classic 4110 costs $54.95, and is worth every penny. It's made from a single piece of a stain-resistant, high-carbon alloy, is dishwasher safe, holds its edge for a good long time, and is easily honed back to razor sharpness.

I have several other Wüsthof knives and enjoy using them all. But this is the one I reach for first — and if I could only have one knife, this would be it.
J. Silverheels Gray, 10:19 PM