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Friday, December 14, 2007

Jean Bousquet Malbec 2006

For a little background on Jean Bousquet, scroll down a couple of posts to the Chardonnay review. If that's too much trouble, here's the executive summary: He's a French winemaker who moved his operation to Argentina because the climate there makes it easier to grow grapes naturally, and he's doing a great job.

His Malbec is made from organically-grown grapes, and is absolutely wonderful. As with his Chardonnay, the French influence comes through — this wine tastes like a Malbec, but with the hard edges rounded off. The tannins are soft, the slight bite that most Argentine Malbecs have is absent, and the resulting wine is soft, quaffable, and delicious. It opens with a nose hinting at chocolate and raspberries, moves into the characteristic plum with a cedar overtone on the palate, and finishes dry and long.

This Malbec is one that is suitable for parties — it's inexpensive ($12), easy to drink, and suitable as a cocktail wine or as an accompaniment to a wide variety of food, including burgers, lamb and duck. If this wine had been available to me last month, it would have been a perfect match for the cassoulet I made for my dinner club. Highly recommended!
J. Silverheels Gray, 8:36 PM