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Monday, December 03, 2007

Introducing Jackson

JacksonI'm happy to introduce a new staff member here at WineCanine: Just yesterday evening we were were joined by J. Silverheels Gray, otherwise known as Jackson. Jackson got his email address and is undergoing orientation today, and will start working like a dog — that is, from a position of comfort on the sofa or on a comfy cushion in front of the fireplace — tomorrow.

Jackson came to us through the courtesy and the good work of Louisville Weimaraner Rescue, which has an Indianapolis branch. As is the case with most rescues, not much is known about his childhood other than he was picked up as a stray by a shelter in Fort Wayne, and was subsequently adopted by a family in Columbia City. That family soon decided that he was too big to play with their two very small dogs, so he was released to LWR and lived with his foster parents Rob and Shelly, their daughter Maddie, and their two resident Weims for four weeks.

Rob had previously contacted me about possibly donating an auction item to LWR's Weim & Cheese fundraiser next June (you bet!), and I sent him a note when Zane died the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Rob described Jackson to me, we spent some time with him on three different occasions, and after getting all the details worked out we brought him to his new forever home last night.

Jackson is smaller than Zane was — about 60 pounds as opposed to 90 — and at 19 months is still a youngster. He gets along well with our older Doberman, Red, who seems to be happy to have a new companion after being depressed about the loss of his old friend Zane. The same goes for us humans.
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