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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fifth Day of Gadgets — A Nutmeg Mill

Nutmeg MillOne of my favorite King of the Hill episodes features a Laotian neighbor whose cooking — including her meatloaf — is better than Peggy Hill's because of the ingredient she adds to everything: Nutmeg.

Nutmeg is one of my favorite spices, whether it's floated on top of an egg nog or used to season brussels sprouts or other vegetables — or meat loaf, for that matter. The preground stuff from the grocery isn't anywhere near as pungent as the freshly-grated variety, but after you inadvertently grate your finger for the first time you'll start considering a nutmeg mill.

Peugeot is famous for its pepper mills, and as you might expect their Ambione Nutmeg Shaver is first-rate too. It stores several whole nutmegs under its acrylic dome; turning the handle one direction makes shavings; the other direction grates. The Ambione has a wood base which, while attractive, drives its price up to $55; an all-acrylic version, the Tidore, costs $20 less.
J. Silverheels Gray, 10:42 AM