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Monday, November 12, 2007

THINGS TO DO (11/15 – 11/18)

Here is the most recent installment of Evan Finch's occasional Things to Do for People Who Do Things email newsletter.

Found Vs. PostSecret Tour
Big Car Gallery
Thursday, November 15

Found magazine ( is a publication that collects cast-off ephemera (abandoned photos, dropped shopping lists, vaguely threatening notes left on car windshields, etc.) and prints it for all to see. PostSecret ( has more willing, albeit shy, contributors—people who write their most deeply-hidden secrets on postcards, then submit them to the website anonymously. Anyhoo, this Thursday, the gents behind those two websites (Davy Rothbart and Frank Warren, respectively) will be visiting Big Car in Fountain Square to read and display some of their favorite finds and submissions.

Big Car is located on the second floor of the Murphy building, at 1043 Virginia Avenue. There will be two shows — one at 7 PM, and one at 9 PM. Tickets are $15, and are available online, here: (Also, if you’re inclined to buy VIP tickets for the pre-show meet ’n greet, you can do that too. Those tickets are $65.)

Phone: 317.408.1366
Web: and

* * *

Tonic Gallery
Wheeler Arts Community
Friday, November 16

Tonic Gallery is an annual silent art auction that benefits Second Helpings (an organization that helps to feed the city’s hungry). This year’s auction will include over 50 works of art, created by such artists as Rob Day, Elizabeth Guipe Hall, Paul Baumgarten, Penelope Dullaghan, Kipp Normand, Elyce Elder, Yasha Persson, Emma Overman and so many others that it makes my fingers hurt just thinking about typing all their names. All artwork requires a minimum bid of $100 (and escalates in $50 increments after that). Bidding begins at 5:30 PM this Friday, and closes at 7:30 PM. The Wheeler Arts Community is located at 1035 Sanders Street in Fountain Square (behind Bud’s Supermarket, more or less). Admission is free.

Phone: 317.632.2662 ex. 12

* * *

Tonic Ball: Madonna Vs. The Clash
Radio Radio and the Fountain Square Theatre
Friday, November 16

Tonic Ball is the annual concert that starts after Tonic Gallery ends (and which, not coincidentally, also benefits Second Helpings). Now, this concert has a schtick. And this year, that schtick is that each of the over 30 bands appearing must cover at least one song by either Madonna or The Clash. This year’s musical lineup includes such acts as Jennie Devoe, Latex Novelties, Wolfy, Everest, Red Light Driver, Drunko, The Lovemeknots, Everthus The Deadbeats, Everything Now, Stereo Deluxe, Squibnocket and OH NO HERE COMES THAT CARPAL TUNNEL AGAIN. Let’s just say “many more” and leave it at that. Bands covering the Clash will play at Radio Radio (1119 East Prospect), whereas bands covering Madonna will play at the Fountain Square Theatre (1105 Prospect). Tickets are $20, allow you to visit both venues, and are available online (through Second Helpings) at If you’re not the pointing and clicking type, you may also purchase tickets at Future Shock, or either of the Luna Music locations. Conversely, you could phone 632-2662 ex. 12, and speak to Jennifer Arnold. Music starts at 7:40 PM, with Everything Now! at Radio Radio. NOTE 1: The Madonna-themed show at Fountain Square Theatre is all-ages. The Clash-themed show at Radio Radio is not. NOTE 2: If you’d like a schedule of what acts play when, let me know and I’ll email it to you.

Phone: 317.632.2662 ex. 12

* * *

International Festival
Indiana State Fairgrounds, West Pavilion
Friday, November 16 – Sunday, November 18

Various ethnic groups entertain you, feed you and sell you stuff. Probably a little cooler for kids than adults (but pretty enjoyable if you’re an adult, too). The fairgrounds are located at 1202 East 38th Street. Admission is free for kids 5 years old and under; $6 for kids aged 6 to 12 years; and $9 for adults (or $7, if you have the presence of mind to get advance tickets from a Marsh supermarket). For hours, see the festival web site. NOTE: Predictably, my favorite part of this festival has always been the wide array of ethnic food vendors located in one concentrated space. Come hungry.

Phone: 317.236.6515

* * *

Hooks Drug Store And Pharmaceutical Auction
Antique Helper
Saturday, November 17

Beginning at 10 AM this Saturday, Antique Helper will hold an auction benefiting the Hooks Drug Store Museum. The sale will feature hundreds of items, ranging from antique medicine bottles (“Syrup of Squill,” anyone?); to mortars and pestles; to medical bags; to ancient gum dispensers; to my personal favorite: Lot 41, the Antique Quackery Medicine Scientific Apparatus. Items are visible on the business’ website, listed below, and bid estimates are generally on the low end (typically between $100 and $200). Antique Helper is located at 2764 East 55th Place (not 55th Street), a little east of Keystone Avenue. As ever, Mapquest is your friend.

Phone: 317.251.5638

* * *


Illinois has really nice travel posters for sale on their website:

You can click the different images to make them larger. I particularly like the one titled “Cozy Dog.”
M. Zane Grey, 10:02 PM