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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

On the theme of thanks

Over the past few days I've received many email messages and a couple of blog comments containing condolences on Zane's sudden death; I've gotten more than my usual share of hugs, too. To all of you, I say thanks — your sympathy and support have been welcome and helpful.

The last 12 months really haven't been my favorites. This Thanksgiving will be the first one that we won't be sharing with my wife's great aunt, my mother, and our Weimaraner. The canines and humans in our family have had more health issues than usual this year, and financial pressures have become a little more intense.

When negative piles upon negative, it's sometimes easy to succumb to the temptation to concentrate on the dark side. But that's the antithesis of Thanksgiving — this is the time to appreciate those things we do have, not lament the things we don't.

So, while we're certainly going to miss those who won't be joining us at the table this year — or ever again — I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to have known them all, and the memories I have of them. And I'll continue to try to appreciate every wine for what it offers, rather than castigate it for what it lacks.

Speaking of wine (this is a wine blog, isn't it?), we'll be making our toasts with Gloria Ferrer's Brut sparkler (my mother's favorite), assorted Zinfandels to accompany the Zinfandel-brined turkey, a Port my father-in-law brought back from a recent trip to Portugal, and a 2004 Schlumberger Les Princes Abbés Pinot Gris. That last wine will be for Zane — "Pinot Gris" loosely translates to "gray nut," which is something he was affectionately called. (And often.)

Thanks again to all of you out there on the other side of the keyboard — and have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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