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Friday, October 26, 2007

Restaurant diners favor mixed drinks, beer over wine

According to a recent consumer survey by a food consulting firm, consumers are more than twice as likely to order beer or mixed drinks than wine when dining away from home. However, wine consumption jumps for business and special-occasion dinners, from 18 percent to 37 percent of diners.

I'm no food consultant, but I'll take a stab at analyzing that data anyway. It's expensive to order wine in restaurants, and unless somebody else is paying for it (expense-account meal) or it's a really special occasion (big date), people are going to go for the most bang for the buck.

Case in point: Last night I went out to a restaurant with some friends for a few drinks. Wine that I would drink at home cost $10 a glass, and I know that I could go to a wine shop and buy a whole bottle of it for $15. I ended up having three Newcastle Brown Ales instead. My total tab, before tip: just under $10.
M. Zane Grey, 5:51 PM