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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Name that aroma!

Ever stuck your muzzle in a glass of wine and tried in vain to place the maddeningly familiar aromas exuding therefrom? Sure you have! It's somewhat akin to trying to remember the name of a movie, isn't it?

For movie names, I consult Google. For wine aromas, I carry around a wallet-sized wine tasting guide I picked up at Grapevine Cottage that lists aromas and flavors often found in wines. It's a handy little memory jogger, especially useful when writing wine reviews — and it's a lot more convenient and cost-effective than a Le Nez du Vin set.

Alder Yarrow over at Vinography has a similar downloadable cheat sheet available on his site. It's not as well organized as the store-bought version, but it's helpful and it's free. Plus, it comes in several different languages, so if you want to say "yeasty," "wet dog" or "cat pee" in Portugese, French, Spanish or Italian, you'll be able to.
M. Zane Grey, 10:53 AM