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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dr. Spin at Vito's on Penn

Here's a fun thing to do on Friday evenings: Go downtown to Vito's on Penn at 20 North Pennsylvania Street (where the Cozy used to be) and listen to Dr. Spin play actual vinyl records from 5 - 11 p.m. Dr. Spin (aka Doug Babb) has quite a collection of LPs that music lovers can browse through and make requests from, and if you want to take your own records that's OK too.

As much as I like my CDs and AIFF files, it's really a treat to listen to vinyl. The sound is warm and soothing, and makes music reproduced by digital means sound harsh and jarring by comparison. And I never thought that I'd feel nostalgic about scratches and pops, but that turned out to be the case.

Vito's bar is a pleasant space, neat, clean, spacious and comfortably lit. There are a few pool tables in back, the drinks are reasonably priced, and the bartenders are pleasant and efficient. There's a full-service restaurant in the room south of the bar; we didn't have dinner, but we did get a pizza to munch on and found it to be quite good. No surprise there, since Vito's is owned by restaurateur Jim DeCamp, who also operates Vito Provolone's and some Pasquale's restaurants.

If you're downtown on Friday evening, drop in to have a cocktail and listen to Dr. Spin. Tell him that Zane sent you — that should confuse him!
M. Zane Grey, 8:54 AM