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Monday, September 24, 2007

Be punctual!

!What a great way to start the week — Monday, September 24, is National Punctuation Day.

Begun in 2004, the annual obervance is the brainchild of former newspaperman Jeff Rubin, who sometimes appears as “Punctuation Man,” dressed in a blue super-hero costume with a bright red cape. (Why, yes — he is from California. How did you guess?) Rubin and his wife, Norma, created Punctuation Playtime, a 45-minute program for children in grades 1-6 that features games, activities, storytelling and even a rap song to reinforce important punctuation lessons. NPD's Web site features handy guides on how to correctly use punctuation marks, with links to more detailed explanations and style guides.

NPD even has an official meat loaf recipe. The recipe seems pretty basic, but I do like the idea of eating a question mark instead of the usual boring old hyphen.

I’ll probably eschew the meat loaf and figure out some other way to celebrate the occasion — I dunno, maybe I'll take a colon to lunch....
M. Zane Grey, 12:01 PM