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Friday, August 03, 2007

THINGS TO DO (8/3 – 8/4)

Here is the most recent installment of Evan Finch's occasional Things to Do for People Who Do Things email newsletter.

Unusual Animals
Harrison Center for the Arts
Friday, August 3
As part of IDADA’s regular First Friday event, the Harrison Center will be presenting a very cool-sounding show tonight called “Unusual Animals,” co-sponsored by Asthmatic Kitty Records and curated by Future Rapper. There’ll be art by Casey Roberts, and Elizabeth Sparrow Boring, and a bunch of other people. And there’ll be music. Also, representatives from Big Car (itself a fantastic organization) will be in attendance, presenting performance art, accompanied by music from More Animals From The Arctic. In short, it’s the usual Harrison Center onslaught of surprise and delight. Admission is free, as are snacky things. Kids are welcome. Come at 6 PM, stay till 10 PM. The Harrison Center is located at 1505 North Delaware Street.
Phone: 317.396.3886
Web: and

* * *

Welcome To The Monkey House
Indiana Repertory Theatre Upper Stage
Friday, August 3 – Sunday, August 19

I know about this event because a guy from ShadowApe Theatre called my cell phone two days ago and left a really long message about how his troupe (which is very good, by the way) is going to perform adaptations of various Kurt Vonnegut short stories at IRT this month. You have to admire that kind of marketing moxie. Tickets to the show are $25 each (available through IRT), and performances will happen on weekends at the IRT Upper Stage, starting this Friday. For more information (and show times) phone IRT, or check the website(s) below.
Phone: 317.635.5252
Web: or

* * *

Punkin Holler Boys
Willowfield Lavender Farm in Mooresville, Indiana
Saturday, August 4
Beloved local hillbillies the Punkin Holler Boys will be bringing their musical stylings to the Willowfield Lavender Farm this Saturday, from 5 to 8 PM. Bring your own chair and food and drinks and stuff, then settle in and feast at least three of your senses. Admission is $2.00, and the farm is located at 6176 East Smokey View Road in Mooresville (directions are on the website). NOTE: Event not recommended for those suffering from lavender allergies.
Phone: 317.831.7980

* * *

German Park
Saturday, July 7

The Indianapolis Liederkranz will be holding its annual Summerfest in German Park (8600 S. Meridian Street) from 5 to 11 PM this Saturday. German food and drink (i.e.; beer), plus music by Jay Fox and the Bavarian Showtime Band at 7 PM. Try the hog knuckles. They’re gristle-icious.

Phone: 317.266.9816 or 317.782.9216

* * *

Latex Novelties
Melody Inn
Saturday, August 4

Formed in 1978, the Latex Novelties can legitimately claim to be Indianapolis first punk band. Anyways, they’re getting back together to play a show at the Mel this Saturday. Open bands include The Sleazies, M.O.T.O. and The Midnight Creeps. The cover is $7, the Melody Inn is just north of 38th on Illinois, and the night will allegedly start at 9 PM. Can a Yellow Jaundice Babies reunion be far off?

Phone: 317.923.4707
Web: and

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