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Saturday, July 07, 2007

NXG Chardonnay 2005

NXGAustralia's grape glut isn't going to last forever, alas, but while it does there are some awfully good wines out there for not a lot of money.

One of those is the NXG Next Generation Chardonnay 2005 from Southeastern Australia. Priced at $9, it's a bright, satisfying wine that provides a hint of peach on the nose, a citrusy palate, plenty of body, and a creamy mouthfeel. It finishes clean with just enough acid to make it food-friendly, but not so much that it can't stand alone as a refreshing deck wine. I'm thinking grilled chicken with herbes de Provence or pasta with fresh herbs and grilled shrimp....
M. Zane Grey, 9:03 AM