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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Home office pasta machine

Yesterday my Google home page presented me with a wikiHow link I just had to click: How to Use a Paper Shredder as a Pasta Machine.

And yes, it says pretty much what you think it would — take the top off a paper shredder and support it on books or bricks or something so you can catch the sliced pasta on the way out and prevent it from sticking to itself. Obviously, the sheet of pasta you feed through the top can't be any wider than the slot it has to be fed through.

The brainchild of Food Network personality Alton Brown, the paper shredder method of pasta making first appeared in Wired magazine a year ago. (How did I miss that?) WikiHow's version provides the same information, with the addition of lots of cautions and disclaimers.

Maybe Fridays at our shop can be Take Your Dough to Work Day....
M. Zane Grey, 7:41 AM