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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

La Posta del Viñatero Angel Paulucci Vineyard Malbec 2005

La PostaIn 1953 Angel Paulucci moved from to Argentina from his native Italy, where his family had been making wine since the early 1800s. Seven years later he planted his first Malbec vines in Mendoza, where he has been perfecting his craft ever since.

The La Posta del Viñatero Angel Paulucci Vineyard Malbec 2005 is made of grapes harvested from a vineyard planted in 1970. They produce a rich, mellow, full-bodied wine with cinnamon and a little mint on the nose and a palate of plum and spice, followed by a long, dusty chocolate finish. Its moderate tannins would make it a good match for grilled lamb (in fact, that just now became the plan for Sunday's dinner).

"La Posta del Viñatero" translates to "The Tavern of the Vintner," depicted on the label as a place where tractors wait at the end of the day while their operators relax with some fermented juice of the fruits of their labors. A rustic lodge at the base of a mountain, it looks like a very pleasant place to be — and for just $17, you can join them in spirit....
M. Zane Grey, 8:00 AM