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Friday, May 18, 2007

Tuscan tenderloin

We had a gathering this week to honor a family member whose favorite place to visit was Florence, so it seemed appropriate to serve a Tuscan Tenderloin along with a variety of red wines from the region.

Since we had nine in our group, we started with two five-pound beef tenderloins, which we trimmed according to these instructions from Gourmet magazine. As the instructions indicate, trimming a tenderloin generates a big pile of scrap -- our two generated enough waste to fill a one-gallon freezer bag, which I'll later sort through and turn into steakburgers for us and suet for the woodpeckers.

After sifting through the Google results for "tuscan tenderloin recipe" we settled on this one from (and I have no idea what that photo is of, but it sure isn't a beef tenderloin). We reduced the amount of salt from a tablespoon to a teaspoon and used two tablespoons or so of fresh thyme instead of one tablespoon of dried, but other than that followed the recipe as written and were well pleased.

(The recipe indicates that a five-pound tenderloin will yield 13 servings, but believe me, it won't. After trimming, a five-pound tenderloin will yield no more than five servings, unless all your guests are suffering from stomach flu.)
M. Zane Grey, 11:14 AM