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Monday, May 21, 2007

Red wine protects against prostate cancer

Men who drink an average of four to seven glasses of red wine per week are only 52 percent as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as those who do not drink red wine, according to the June 2007 issue of Harvard Men’s Health Watch. Red wine appears also seems to be particularly protective against advanced or aggressive cancers, the article says.

Scientists evaluated different types of alcoholic beverages independently, and found that wine drinking was linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer. When white wine was compared with red, red had the most benefit, and even low amounts seemed to help.

It is speculated that cancer cells are inhibited by the antioxidants present in certain compounds in red wine, including various flavonoids and resveratrol, and that some of those components may counterbalance androgens, the male hormones that stimulate the prostate.
M. Zane Grey, 5:33 PM