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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Things to Do (3/22 - 3/24)

Here is the most recent installment of Evan Finch's occasional Things to Do email newsletter.

Gomer’s Pile
Melody Inn
Thursday, March 22

Once a year or so, members of various local bands (Born Again Floozies, ESW and Phyllis, among others) get together and do a set of cover songs, honoring one particular artist. In the past, they’re presented musical tributes to such artists as Devo and The Who. This year, it’s U2. Music starts at 9:30 PM, and the Melody Inn is at 3826 North Illinois Street.

Phone: 317.923.4707

* * *

Born Again Floozies/Ebenezer and the Hymnasters
The Old Centrum
Friday, March 23

Centrum Live is a new, all-ages (and non-smoking) concert series that will be taking place every so often in the auditorium of the Old Centrum—an old church building at 1201 North Central Avenue.

Opening act Katy Bowser will start at 7:30 PM (followed, I expect, by the Hymnasters and Floozies, in that order). Tickets are $8 in advance, and/or $10 at the door. NOTE: Booze will be available if you’re over 21.

Phone: 317.222.1122
Web: and, what the heck, http://

* * *

State Surplus Sealed Bid Sale
State Surplus Warehouse (601 West McCarty, Suite 100)
Friday, March 23 – Saturday, March 24

Every couple of months, the state holds one of these surplus sales, where they sell off old office equipment, copiers, computer equipment, chairs, typewriters, file cabinets, cool old vending machines, et cetera. All bids are submitted in sealed envelopes, and high bidders are notified a few days after the auction (like analog eBay, except you only get one chance to bid). Anyway, you can check out the merchandise Friday (between 8 AM and 3 PM) and Saturday (between 8 AM and Noon) at the State Surplus Warehouse, located at 601 West McCarty Street, Suite 100.

Phone: 317.234.3691
Web: I forget. Sorry.

* * *

The Piano Tuner Of Earthquakes
Key Cinemas
Friday, March 23 – Thursday, March 29

The Brothers Quay are freaky American-born twin filmmakers who live and work in England, and The Piano Tuner Of Earthquakes is their latest movie. It starts playing at Key Cinemas (4044 South Keystone Avenue) this Friday, and will play for a week. Prices and showtimes are listed on the Key Cinemas website, listed below. NOTE ONE: Though the Brothers Quay are known for their animated films, this movie is live-action (with some animated elements). NOTE TWO: Here are some reviews of the movie: .

Phone: 317.784.7454

* * *

Holliday Park Trail Run
Holliday Park
Saturday, March 24

The Holliday Park Trail Run takes place (as you’d expect) in Holliday Park, at 6363 Spring Mill Road. The five-mile race starts this Saturday morning at 9:30 AM (followed by a one-mile run for kids 6-12 at 10:40 AM, and a shorter “Tot Trot” for infants and embryos at 10:50 AM). Race day registration starts at 8 AM, and lasts till 9 AM. It’s $20 to enter. The field is limited to 500, but I’m guessing they might have room for a few stragglers. NOTE ONE: The course goes over park trails, into river beds, and off-road for a bit—so expect to get muddy. Oh, and watch out for roots. NOTE TWO: I ran this race one time and got a bag of Hurst beans in my race packet. Which is about the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten in a race packet.

Phone: N/A

* * *


Neko Case is playing The Vogue on Tuesday, April 10. Tickets are $20 in advance, on sale now from the Vogue ( or any Ticketmaster outlet.

Even better, Yo La Tengo is playing The Vogue on Friday, April 13. Tickets to that show are $15 in advance, and are also on sale now from The Vogue or any Ticketmaster outlet.

Josh Roush is also playing The Vogue, on Monday, April 16. The one time I saw him, I left his show early because he said snide things about the Knights of Columbus carnival across the street, and just generally seemed like a uptight jerk. (Seriously, what kind of boob badmouths a Knights of Columbus carnival?) On the other hand, this appearance is part of the Rock For Riley Concert Series, so the cause is good enough.

* * *


Earlier this week, my friend Jen Bingham directed me to the Lucky Find Gazette:

It’s an online journal, full of all kinds of cool junk-shop ephemera. I was especially knocked out by these semi-psychedelic old envelope liners, which apparently launched the modern wrapping paper industry:

It doesn’t take much to fascinate me, peoples. It really doesn’t.
M. Zane Grey, 5:27 PM